Thursday, July 29, 2010

Return of the Wack!

Look who's back shilling books in November to fleece more rednecks out of their Christmas cash!  Even during a horrible recession there are hucksters out there making millions off the mindless masses, unbelievable isn't it?  God Bless America, indeed!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

PPP Poll: Obama 46% Palin 46%

The info is here.

President Obama trails former Governors Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich in this poll. Now I'm no Nate Silver, so I dunno the samples or demographics and how all that breaks down, but PPP is a pretty good outfit from what I have heard. I know it's early, and we have a loooooooong way to go till 2012, but just, WOW!

OK, Mitt Romney I can sort of understand being ahead of Obama right now thanks to his supposed "Mr. fix-it business credentials" (which really only consists of laying people off and outsourcing). Mike Huckabee I can understand being ahead because he is an amiable fellow with a populist-type agenda that is appealing to a good number of religious folk. Newt Gingrich I can understand because he was Speaker during an economically prosperous time and he takes every opportunity to point that out. Once the campaign begins though, they will tear out each other's throats over Romney's flip-flopping and "socialist" Massachusetts health care program, then Huckabee's "populism" and parolee issues, and finally Newt's congressional ethical issues and queasy personal past. So yeah they may all be ahead now but I wouldn't put too much stock in those numbers because the campaigns against them have not begun. But PALIN!?!?! Any attack against her only emboldens her cult-like fans, so I highly doubt any attacks from her primary opponents would affect her numbers.

Truth is, I understand her appeal to many right-wingers. She's good-looking, confident, ambitious, she hunts, she's a god-fearing woman, she's pro-life with a beautiful handi-capable boy to prove it, she talks like the righties and doesn't have a "fancy schmancy" Ivy League education just like they don't. I think she'd fit right in as a host with the airheads on "Fox & Friends" and would make for a fascinating reality show. But as a President?!?!?! Someone completely unqualified for the job? Someone who quit her term as Governor halfway through? Someone who went to 5 different colleges and won't say why or release her grades? Someone who saw an opening to shake down every hillbilly in America and grabbed it? Someone whose family fits in better at the "Jerry Springer Show" than the White House? Someone determined to continue the culture wars that have just about destroyed our political system? Someone who uses the same five words in every sentence: "commonsense", "Reagan", "God", "socialist" and "troops"? Someone who wants to run the country closer to the ideals of the Bible? Someone who won't be interviewed outside of the confines of Fox News? Someone who never held a press conference while running for Vice President? I could go on and on....

We already had one dunce who grabbed control of our country, a country that had a surplus and good relations with most of the world, and blew it all to hell, leaving us in a near-depression. And now 46% of this country wants to vote in his female equivalent? How can this be?
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