Friday, July 31, 2009

>>>>>Beers and Bullshit<<<<<

Yesterday was all kumbaya blah blah bullshit between Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Cambridge Police Sergeant James Crowley at the White House with President Obama over beers (hey, isn't it nice not to have a dry-drunk prez like that asshole Bush?), but excuse me, why the fuck hasn't Crowley been fired? This douchebag arrested a man on the front porch of the house he owns and pays taxes on, all because he didn't like what he was saying! It's outrageous!

Even more outrageous: the so-called conservatives on the right-wing blogs defending Crowley's actions. These "get the government out of our lives!" folks really have no problem with the government (Crowley) throwing a citizen in jail for expressing his right to free speech (Gates)? What is this, motherfucking China? North Korea? This is not a police state! This is the United States of America! If you wanna tell a cop in your house to go fuck his mama you have every right to do so without being hauled off in handcuffs!

But I shouldn't be surprised the faux-conservatives in the G.O.P. are siding against Gates, because all black men are criminals in their minds.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

right-wingers pay their respects to Walter Cronkite

courtesy of Michelle Malkin's Hot Air site:

Personally, I hope his extended family all die of excrutiating cancers. Karma, you know?

I’ll shed no tears over the death of a Lefty turd like Cronkite. As a matter of fact, if I could piss on his grave, I would.

I am sick of kissing the ass of people who screwed not only their country and their profession, but millions of innocents, because the media tells me I am supposed to.
Go. To. Hell. You. Lying. Bastard.

I got excited whe I saw the fox news alert, saw the grey hair from across the room, and then my weekend was ruined it wasn’t the timely demise of Ted Kennedy. Oh well……patience I guess.

Good bye Walter. May the worms enjoy you more than I did.

May he rot in hell.

Soon Ted will die and Walter, JFK, RFK and Ted can ride around Hell in Teds Olds, pickin’ up women.
Waitress sandwich anyone?

Walter Cronkite actually makes my list of greatest MASS MURDERERS in History! So, yup, he can burn in hell!!

Twist in Hell, Cronkite. I hope the only relief you find in the Lake of Fire is a million murdered Cambodians spitting on you.

Rich liberal hypocritical fool……see ya! Now we only need Teddy to retire or expire and maybe we’ll see windmills in Natucket sound.

just imagine how low our public discourse would sink if we didn't have such good, jesus-loving folks like these to chime in?!?!?!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Crazy Bitches Be Busting Loose!

ok so July looks like "Crazy Cunt Month" all of a sudden! Let's survey the recent damage shall we?

Former QB Steve McNair shot in the head as he slept by crazy 20 y.o. Iranian slut!

Boxer Arturo Gatti allegedly strangled by crazy drunk wife with a purse strap!

Sarah Palin resigns as Alaska governor, vows to campaign for... Democrats!?

Ghost of child allegedly whispering to Octo-Mom while she takes a shit!

Gay Penguin couple broken up by conniving female whore penguin!

When will the madness end?!?!?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

hate mail!

from, um, one of my best friends:

OMG LOL that is absolutely the most boring a$$ page ive ever seen, who the F gives an F about the things ur talking about…WTF druggiebear goes to work? Seriously I know you and I could care less about reading that blog, dam all these outspoken anne coulter types have given retards like u reason to think people care about ur opinions, dude please tell me u just made this today and ur “punking” me right it’s a joke, im not quite sure why u saying BSG will be missed or SDSU was robbed makes u interesting, hmmmm maybe im missing a key piece to the ingredient but I don’t see it

well, thanks for the hit at least, assface!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Roger Federer is a Real Fuckwad

real classy there, Rog, busting out and pimping your tacky Nike "15" tracksuit after beating Andy Roddick in a Wimbledon victory he basically handed to you. Gloat like a giant ass when you win and cry like a little bitch when you lose? Great sportsmanship there, guy!

Oh and Roger it’s a good thing you are making the best of Rafa Nadal’s time away due to injury, cuz you are gonna get your ass handed to you when he does! BTW, what other supposed “GOAT” had his ass kicked so thoroughly by their biggest rival? Michael Jordan? Wayne Gretzky? Joe Montana? Tiger Woods? Nope. No one dominated them the way Rafa does you. That’s why they are worthy of the “GOAT” title, and you aren't!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

>>>>>>>R.I.P. Jacko<<<<<<<

For the record, I don't think he was a pedophile. I mean, those people usually have tons of kiddie porn in their house, on their computers, everywhere, but nothing that incriminating was ever found at Neverland. A celebrity like Michael Jackson, constantly around kids, would have had hundreds and hundreds of victims. He had a few accusers with money-grubbing parents, that's it, and was rightfully cleared of all charges in court. He was fucking stupid to keep letting little kids sleep in his bed after the allegations first surfaced in 1993, but I think Michael never matured beyond the age of 10, which is why he loved sleepovers, climbing trees, experimenting with "Jesus Juice", etc. He was abused as a child, then coddled as an adult, then numbed out by powerful drugs towards the end of his life. He never really had anything even close to normalcy, which is very sad.

What he did have, was amazing talent. As a singer, songwriter, dancer, all-around entertainer, I mean, the guy was unparalleled in his time. That is what I will remember the most about Michael, but man he sure gave us a bunch to chew on didn't he? I grew up enjoying his music and videos, then was shocked by the freak show aspect that came with his fame, was horrified by his physical deterioration, and finally, I was riveted by his legal travails. Like I said, he was an all-around entertainer! May he rest in the peace he so richly deserves.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Palin not under fire from the feds?

So says the L.A. Times. So WTF? Is she really planning to run for President? On what record?

On 2.5 years of experience as the Governor of a cash-flush state with no real problems?

If the economy is still shitty and unemployment is over 10% when 2012 comes around, there's no doubt Obama will be vulnerable. But no way in hell voters would gamble our future on another charismatic politician w/ a flimsy resume. Mitt "I fix businesses" Romney would be the smart choice to take on Obama if that is the case.

On her Jerry Springer-ish "family values"?

Bill Clinton's seedy personal history had to be in the back of some primary voters minds when choosing between Obama and my candidate of choice, Hillary Clinton. Would voters choose to quadruple down on First Family Drama by housing the freak-show Palin brood at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Fuck no!

On her flimsy education and even flimsier intellect?

Voters are in no mood for another retard republican president so soon after Dumbya.....

On her tits and legs?

They can't stay that nice and firm forever!

So what's left for Sarah? Fox News? A reality show to follow Octo-Mom's? Ooooh how about a politcal edition of "The Surreal Life"?! Sarah, Todd and Bristol Palin thrown in a house with Eliot Spitzer, David Vitter, Mark Foley, Mark Sanford, Barney Frank, John Ensign, Larry Craig, Jim McGreevey, Rod Blagojevich and an assorted mix of prostitutes, interns, Argentinian sluts, gay staffers, Ponzi schemers, bathroom stalls and adult diapers!

Friday, July 3, 2009

see ya, Simple Sarah!

Will we see you and Todd in handcuffs soon over your shady housing deal?! What a shocking turn of events! I mean, you were the biggest star of your dying party, the very epitome of the ignorance and intolerance of the dead-enders who make up what's left of the G.O.P.! You had a great shot at the nomination in 2012, before you get too old to give the erectile dysfunctional-Rush Limbaugh crowd the boners their now-supersized wives can no longer give them! You blew it, girl!
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