Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

the original, and still the best. I'll be back in December w/ new posts, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yankees in 7!

and no, not just because I went to the brand-spanking new Yankee Stadium when I was visiting NYC this summer, although I must admit the Yankee Mystique got to me, the aura there is simply amazing! Some photos are posted below:
the view of the batter's box from my seat- Texiera at the plate and A-Rod on deck. can you say yum!?the view of the outfield/scoreboard from my seat (field level section 112, row 21, seat 2, $100)....
.... oh and did I mention the lovely view of Mark Texiera?! I got to stare at that perfect pinstriped ass all afternoon! hot damn i love baseball!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Blog Wars erupt on the right

I check out quite a few blogs during the day, left and right wing-oriented, and I must say I am fascinated by what is happening with the right these days. Little Green Footballs, transformed by fledgling musician/cyclist Charles Johnson after 9/11 as a mostly anti-Islam blog, has taken a far more sensible path since Barack Obama was inaugurated, which of course doesn't sit well with the knuckle-dragging, bible-thumping, dead-enders that make up what's left of the Republican Party. I am by no means championing Johnson or his site here, I mean, let's face it, the man is batshit crazy, a Howard Hughes-save and drink his own urine-type if you will, but follow me after the jump to see the all-too-fun civil war he has sparked among the right-wing blogs......

In the past year or so, Charles Johnson has been focusing on the scourge of creationism and it's rising popularity among the right. Well, the bible is the end-all be-all for many conservatives, who pushed back and were purged in big numbers by the control-freak Johnson. Combine that with the rise of the birthers or "nirthers" and Ron Paulians, and Little Green Footballs was soon battling back against the craziest elements of the right. Well, these folks didn't go quietly, they have been pushing back hard on sites such as Michelle Malkin's Hot Air and Ace of Spades, where you can find attacks on Johnson in almost any thread these days. Well, Johnson is pushing back as well, by attacking these sites and their administrators, his former allies. So chummy under the George W. Bush Administration, these right-wingers have turned their fire on each other.....

Master vs. Apprentice

Oh, and apologies to LGF on behalf of our “wingnut blog”..... when a site that gave up blogging about Iran and the New York City terror plot to focus on the urgent threat from creationism tells you you’re falling down on the job, you listen.

I haven’t said anything about him before and hope not to again. I used to love his blog; it’s what inspired me to start blogging, so I get no joy from squabbling with him. But the sneering about “wingnut blogs” was too much. I eat plenty of crap for being an atheist and taking occasional swipes at creationism myself. I criticize Palin and Glenn Beck when a lot of other conservative bloggers don’t. Who is he to accuse me of being some talking-point machine?

Allahpundit on October 13, 2009 at 6:55 PM

so said Hot Air's resident blogger Allahpundit this week, firing back at Charles Johnson, who had the nerve to expose Hot Air's racist wingnut commenters in an ongoing series called "Hot Air Comments of the Day". An LGF reader alerted Johnson to the many racist comments directed at First Lady Michelle Obama as a "wookie" (amongst other names) last month, leading to Hot Air enacting a new comment policy which pissed the racists off even more because they lost an outlet to spread their hate. Well the attacks on Johnson continued at Hot Air and spilled over to Ace of Spades as well, so much so that those sites have devoted entire threads to letting people just bitch about and attack Johnson!

Grab the popcorn

I could go on and on deconstructing the tit-for-tat that has broken out between these sites, but I'm sure you get the gist by now. Will the GOP be the party of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck or will it return to it's more centrist days as the party of George H.W. Bush and Colin Powell? The right-wing blogs are the front-lines of this battle, so sit back, watch them scorch the earth and let's see who survives.....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

'Modern Family' just kills me!

just try getting this awesomely hilarious but oddly-still-sexy song out of your head! man, there's some real quality television Wednesdays at 9PM.....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just words.......

President Barack Obama is speaking at the Human Rights Campaign's 13th annual national dinner tonight, sucking up to all the rich homos who are all too glad to empty their wallets just to stand in the presence of our "fierce advocate" in the White House. Only problem is, Obama hasn't done jack shit for our community. Oh sure, a smattering of benefits here, a nice speech and photo op there, but hey, enough with the scraps already! We want action, Mr. President! You can keep your word and get the ball rolling on ending discrimination against us by issuing a stop-loss order to suspend the discharges of gays and lesbians from the military at ANY MOMENT! But no, you choose to just kick that can down the road some more. So give your speech, Mr. President, mesmerize the audience of those house faggots with that magically eloquent teleprompter of yours, but until you actually do something substantive about DADT, Mr. Prez, then YES, you are just words- and your words don't matter, because so far, your word is shit!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

sign already motherfucker!

The San Francisco 49ers are 3-1 and #10 draft pick WR Michael Crapgreed is in town, finally, and I hate to say it but the 49ers really need him. Why? Because our offense is terrible and he would be a HUGE weapon on the field, defenses will be distracted by him and our blossoming TE Vernon Davis will get free more often. So sign already, you greedy motherfucker! Think of the year's salary you are losing by re-entering the draft! Sign and show us what you got, and GO NINERS!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

fat ass Bennett: Chicago too fat

Degenerate gambler/"Book of Virtues" author Bill Bennett rooted against Chicago (America hater!) getting the 2016 Olympics. He stated his reason why on CNN:

"I'm actually for Rio. In Rio, it's beautiful women at the beach, and in Chicago, it's fat people eating."

Now before I start ranting lemme say I got nothing against fat people. I mean I ain't exactly a 28 waist myself, but where the fuck does this fat fucking pig get off knocking Chicago cuz it's a great place to eat?!?! You know I saw him at the Las Vegas airport a few years ago (I actually thought he was Rush Limbaugh at first), where this authority on "virtue" was stuffing his fat face at the airport Burger King, after no doubt dropping tens of thousands of dollars on the craps tables, proof that you see fat slobs stuffing their faces EVERYWHERE, not just Chicago. Video below:
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