Sunday, December 6, 2009

Welcome to Vaticanistan......

....where simply being a pot-smoking, sexually active American can get you 26 years in prison.

Nice fucking justice system you got there, Italy! You take a blind eye to the cover-ups orchestrated by former Hitler Youth Pope Rat-zinger, leader of the pedophile-factory called the Catholic Church, but young American college student Amanda Knox is vilified by the media and convicted, let's face it, for her "heathen" lifestyle and the fact that she "exhibited odd behavior" after her roommate was brutally murdered... hello?!? It's called being in SHOCK! Typical fucking judgmental Catholic thinking! She partakes in sinful acts like pre-marital sex and drug use and doesn't immediately mourn in a good Catholic manner, so she MUST be capable of murder, right?!?

No DNA? No physical evidence? No witnesses? No plausible motive? No history of violence? NO PROBLEM! Italy's got your conviction right here, bada-bing bada-boom!

Well fuck that and fuck you, Italy!


  1. You've really thought through your argument haven't you? How is anyone going to take you seriously when, instead of reason, your response to the verdict is based purely on emotion?

    OK, the Italian justice system is obviously not as rigorous as America's or ours in Britain but you've completely ignored what evidence was presented and gone straight for a spot of religious stereotyping...with attitudes like this, you could have worked for the Bush government.

  2. First of all the verdict was based mainly on emotion, so why shouldn't my response be? Besides, I did follow the case and the "evidence" is a bra clasp w/o Amanda's DNA and a kitchen knife NOT used to kill the girl w/ Amanda's DNA but such a small amount it likely would not be admissible in a court here plus it could have been easily contaminated by Italy's inferior CSI services. This girl was railroaded, pure and simple!

    and I was raised Catholic, were you? I know exactly how those people think.

  3. I agree that the forensic evidence was weak at best and I think it unlikely that she would have been convicted in a British or American court.

    That said, my belief is that she's guilty of some involvement, if not the murder itself. Why did she keep changing her alibi? Why did her co-defendant's alibi not match hers, considering they were supposed to have been together all night? Why did she not contact the police when she noticed the bloodstains in the bathroom as she was having a shower? Oh, and you don't need to have a history of violence to be a murderer. There is something extremely suspicious in her behaviour and, while it's not proof of guilt, I still think they've got the right person.

    I was actually raised a Methodist but rejected all forms of organised religion many years ago. I still don't understand how you think the Vatican is involved in this? Firstly, isn't Amanda Knox a Catholic herself? Secondly, you do realise that the Vatican is actually an independant state in its own right don't you? How exactly would they be involved in Italy's judicial system?

  4. i don't believe anything the police say about that interrogation! she was interrogated for 6 hours w/o a lawyer and was in a state of shock. she behaved oddly, yes, but that is not proof of guilt especially after such a traumatic event! Guede's story changed as much as anybody's, he didn't implicate her at all at first, not until the desperate police were determined to convict her after they were upset about her behavior.

    Amanda was convicted in the court of public opinion immediately, she never had a chance at a fair trial! in this country it is innocent until proven guilty in the amanda knox trial it was basically guilty until proven innocent, which is why this trial exposed the italian courts for the farce that they are.

    and yes i understand the Vatican is an independent state but the judgemental catholic police and courts in that town who already hate the college students and americans had it in for her because Amanda engaged in "sinful behavior" and not like a nice catholic girl like they all expect. there was religious persecution in this case as well, the whole thing is a travesty! a new trial w/ international observers is needed asap!

  5. "a new trial with international observers"

    Are you for real? The crime was committed in Italy, why should there be international observers involved? It's easy enough to say the Italian justice system stinks but I'm sure there are a few countries who will say the same about America's. At the end of the day, whether rightly or wrongly, Knox has been convicted of murder by an Italian court. If the US government gets involved and tries to turn this into a diplomatic incident you'll see more anti-Americanism in the world than you ever dreamed of.

  6. "more anti-Americanism in the world than you ever dreamed of"

    more than from the iraq war? ok now you are just being ridiculous. yes i do hope a diplomatic solution can be worked out because i strongly believe this girl is not guilty. but whatever, u have made your point u think she's guilty based on her behavior and not from any actual evidence. got it. you are no better than the religious anti-american goons who damned her from the start.


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