Thursday, July 9, 2009

Roger Federer is a Real Fuckwad

real classy there, Rog, busting out and pimping your tacky Nike "15" tracksuit after beating Andy Roddick in a Wimbledon victory he basically handed to you. Gloat like a giant ass when you win and cry like a little bitch when you lose? Great sportsmanship there, guy!

Oh and Roger it’s a good thing you are making the best of Rafa Nadal’s time away due to injury, cuz you are gonna get your ass handed to you when he does! BTW, what other supposed “GOAT” had his ass kicked so thoroughly by their biggest rival? Michael Jordan? Wayne Gretzky? Joe Montana? Tiger Woods? Nope. No one dominated them the way Rafa does you. That’s why they are worthy of the “GOAT” title, and you aren't!


  1. You are useless, I'm telling you. BTW, your IQ should not be so high... I just feel sorry for you... Hope you have enough rope.

  2. Further you have no respect for this guy. He was crying, and what do I care about that?! Murray did so when he lost to Roger in the finals two years ago. You must consider Roger as a sissy, a little girl, or whatever you want, but you definitely know nothing about emotional values, and what it is to be human... Haven't you ever cried at least onnce in your entire life? For your information, Roger & Rafa are great friends. So, just try to understand their relationship and have respect for both, especially for Roger...

  3. Roger Federer ... is a little bitchy cunt muscle.

    Look at the way he responded after Novak Djoko beat him in the US Open. Novak strapped on some huge balls and just went for it on his return. Federer makes up some bullshit comment about how Novak at that point just gave up and didn't have a winning mentality (and that's why he went for a shot "like that"). WTF? The fucker had the balls to GO FOR IT on that shot and you can't handle it because someone man enough to go for a winning shot? Does this fucking piece of shit expect everyone else in the world to play the game he does? What a smug, punk mother fucking bitch.

    You had a TWO SET LEAD.
    You lost.

    The fuck are you bitching at? YOU're the piece of shit that lost this mother fucker. Fucking little bitch. Just go home and cry it out or something. Go hug it out with your wife.

    Fucking bitch ain't got no place no more in men's tennis. Hope this little bitch doesn't ever win any more Grand Slams ... because that would only take away from the incredible legacies Nadal has been creating ... and now Djokovich is doing.

    I'm so tired of all this GOAT bullshit. Sure, he's got the GS title record. So, by default, most equate that with the GOAT designation.

    But the fucker was getting his ass handed to him by Nadal, who is now getting his own ass handed to him by Novak.

    Nadal's gotta make some wholesale changes to his game when he plays Novak. The defensive gameplan and hammering the backhand works well against Federer and the rest of the other players. But, Novak Djokovich is one of the very rare players who can play offense in his defensive game. He takes those balls so early on his return, and he seems to prefer those high top spin balls that sit up for him (from Nadal).

    Nadal needs to develop a hard & flat stroke. He's got to be hitting shit deeper into the court. Putting the ball back into the middle of the court is one thing. But if you're just spinning back a high floater that bounces at the service line, a guy like Novak's gonna POUNCE on that shit. I just don't understand that stupid fucking dumb type of decision making from Nadal. If he ever wants to beat Novak, Nadal's got to the be aggressor. Novak is the only player on tour that can outlast Nadal as well as out maneuver him. Nadal can't simply wait to swing Novak out wide and then angle a cross court shot to the other side of the court ... the guy simply MUST dictate play much, much earlier.

    Hit those balls deep.
    Get them deep in the corners.
    Use that to come to the net and block off the passing angles.
    Get back that hard, flat serve he had in 2010 us Open.
    Lay off the bullshit over spinning and finally develop a finishing shot - ie. low, flat and fucking hard as hell. Homeboy can hit those, he just reverts back to his OCD overcompensating spin technique.

    Back to Roger Federer ...
    He had his time. He was a great champion. Consistent serve (not the fastest by any means) with great precision & placement. Monster forehand when he can open up and slap it into submission. One of the best cross-courts forehands in the game. Serviceable backhand (though one of the nicest looking 1-handers around). In his prime, had a sharply honed killer instinct.

    But that still doesn't negate the fact ...
    that Roger Federer can turn into a pissy, bitchy little prima donna. He says shit that comes across so fucking smug and disrepectful of his opponents. The guy's just a whiny little bitch. And, since he hasn't been donig much of anything lately, he's even pissier than ever.


  4. Roger Federer is a pathetic inflexible moronic insecure unstable old cunt. He is not the GOAT, he is the goat. Baa-baa!


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