Saturday, October 3, 2009

fat ass Bennett: Chicago too fat

Degenerate gambler/"Book of Virtues" author Bill Bennett rooted against Chicago (America hater!) getting the 2016 Olympics. He stated his reason why on CNN:

"I'm actually for Rio. In Rio, it's beautiful women at the beach, and in Chicago, it's fat people eating."

Now before I start ranting lemme say I got nothing against fat people. I mean I ain't exactly a 28 waist myself, but where the fuck does this fat fucking pig get off knocking Chicago cuz it's a great place to eat?!?! You know I saw him at the Las Vegas airport a few years ago (I actually thought he was Rush Limbaugh at first), where this authority on "virtue" was stuffing his fat face at the airport Burger King, after no doubt dropping tens of thousands of dollars on the craps tables, proof that you see fat slobs stuffing their faces EVERYWHERE, not just Chicago. Video below:

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