Friday, February 19, 2010

what the hell was that?

What a bizarre spectacle that was! Those hideous curtains, that Nike-approved statement, that crowd that was there to, uh, do what exactly? Cheer him on? He looked like he was doing a eulogy- no doubt for his lost endorsements!

That robotic defense of Elin: "She deserves praise, not blame" was definitely the fakest moment, and still begs the question "exactly what the fuck happened that night??!!!" because the questions and media speculation will never end until he answers for the Thanksgiving night turn-of-events that started all this. Were you guys fighting? Where were you going? Where were your shoes? Why did you crash? And most importantly why did you turn the cops away? so no Tiger, I'm not buying your bullshit, like all cheaters you are just sorry you got caught, and if Tiger is a sex addict for banging hot every hot piece-of-ass he could then so is every other man I know!

Apology FAIL!

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