Friday, July 31, 2009

>>>>>Beers and Bullshit<<<<<

Yesterday was all kumbaya blah blah bullshit between Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Cambridge Police Sergeant James Crowley at the White House with President Obama over beers (hey, isn't it nice not to have a dry-drunk prez like that asshole Bush?), but excuse me, why the fuck hasn't Crowley been fired? This douchebag arrested a man on the front porch of the house he owns and pays taxes on, all because he didn't like what he was saying! It's outrageous!

Even more outrageous: the so-called conservatives on the right-wing blogs defending Crowley's actions. These "get the government out of our lives!" folks really have no problem with the government (Crowley) throwing a citizen in jail for expressing his right to free speech (Gates)? What is this, motherfucking China? North Korea? This is not a police state! This is the United States of America! If you wanna tell a cop in your house to go fuck his mama you have every right to do so without being hauled off in handcuffs!

But I shouldn't be surprised the faux-conservatives in the G.O.P. are siding against Gates, because all black men are criminals in their minds.


  1. your boy barry is the real racist u know
    nice set of friends he surrounds himself with to

  2. You depress me. There is no humanity in you whatsoever.

  3. no humanity? you must have skipped the michael jackson thread. oh wait he's black so he's sub-human to you, right?

  4. quit trying to pretend you are not a racist yourself


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