Wednesday, December 2, 2009

there's no winning in Afghanistan

Well, 8 years after Al-Qaeda attacked us and Osama Bin Laden escaped Tora Bora, President Obama has decided to pull a "W" and go for a surge in Afghanistan. First of all, there is no "winning" a war in a country that isn't really a country. Afghanistan is simply a collection of Islamic tribes with no functional central government, it's never had one and never will. Secondly, the founding fathers made the Commander-in-Chief a civilian for a reason, so military men can't bleed us dry in unwinnable wars with limitless amounts of troops. So why is Obama doing the same as Dubya and just giving the Generals whatever they want? This country is BROKE! We are $12 TRILLION in the hole and growing! We cannot afford to rebuild THREE countries! Bring our troops home NOW and work on rebuilding America!

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  1. sorry your great messiah let you down


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