Wednesday, December 16, 2009

>>>>>Toby wuz robbed!<<<<<

new Heisman Award winner RB Mark Ingram of Alabama is the least deserving winner EVER. This vote was east coast bias, plain and simple. Stanford's beastly RB Toby Gerhart should have ran away with the award, but even 3rd place finisher Texas QB Colt McCoy and 4th place finisher Nebraska DT Ndamukong Suh would have been more deserving. and why was 5th place finisher Florida QB Tim Tebow even invited? His vote total was closer to 6th place than Suh’s 4th place! This whole Heisman campaign was just a disgusting SEC lovefest all-around this year.

The Pac-10 conference bears some responsibility for this travesty as well. why didn’t they campaign independently for Gerhart? The lack of a championship game doesn’t help either ok Stanford may not have been in it this year but why don’t they just add BYU and Utah and go Pac-12 already? That would strengthen the western voting bloc in Utah and also Nevada, where many fans of those schools live, not to mention what it would do to help the Pac-10 in the BCS.

Mark Ingram was on national TV the week before the SEC title game, that’s the only reason he pulled it out, even if he did pull a 30 yd. stinker against Alabama’s greatest rival, Auburn, the week before. The lazy-ass east coast voters didn’t happen to catch Toby’s 165 yd, 4 TD performance against Cal, Stanford’s biggest rival, I suppose.

Mark Ingram had the least yards per game by a Heisman-winning RB since Archie Griffin. Pathetic.

Oh well, at least the Doak Walker Award went to the right guy this year......

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  1. yeah and you are in california i am sure you arent biased or anythiing


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