Monday, March 29, 2010

Toss out the Nazi rat Pope!

Awww nothing makes me happier than to see the Catholic Church exposed for the racket it is! You see the church has had a bad run this month, first the homophobic institution was caught up in a gay male prostitution scandal, then one-time Hitler Youth member Pope Benedict XVI himself, then known as Cardinal Joseph RATzinger, was discovered to have protected a pedophile priest in Wisconsin who may have molested over 200 deaf boys, and now the child molestation scandals are spreading to Ireland, Germany, Austria and beyond.

The Pope is doubling-down, if you will, by dismissing the scandals as nothing more than "petty gossip". Well good luck with that, your ass-holiness! There are now calls on you to resign and your approval ratings are dropping faster than an altar boy's gown in a confessional!

As a former Catholic, I agree the rat pope should be thrown out on his ass and the whole church investigated and prosecuted the same way we do the mafia! But if nothing changes (as is likely) perhaps this is the only way to protect kids in Catholic churches:

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  1. Wow you are pretty sick. Hope you get better. Maybe a dose of confession for u - guess what u still qualify since u say u are a Catholic.
    Once baptized u belong to Christ - u've got responsibilities that go along with that. Hope u live up to them. Godspeed.


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