Friday, April 30, 2010

Heckuva job, Arizona

Arizona's draconian new immigration law has already led to a case of racial profiling of an American-born citizen. A Mexican-American born in Fresno was detained until his wife went all the way to Arizona to take him his birth certificate. I was born in the San Joaquin Valley and I'm latino, just like this guy. So I can be thrown in jail and detained in Arizona if I don't have my birth certificate. Does that sound like America to you? That sounds like a motherfucking police state, like North Korea or China to me.

This law is un-American and unconstitutional, but how much you wanna bet the Teabaggers don't protest it? Noooo, they'd rather protest against non-existent things like "death panels" and "FEMA concentration camps". When their corporate overlords like Dick Armey or media masters like Rush, Beck and Palin don't tell them what to do, these dunces are totally lost and unable to form their own opinions. They have never protested Wall Street for crashing the economy either!

I'd trade in the Teabaggers for the illegal immigrants anyday!


  1. Tea Partyers are true patriots unlike you who is loyal only to mexico

  2. huh? did u miss that whole "I was born in the San Joaquin Valley" part?!?!


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