Sunday, July 19, 2009

right-wingers pay their respects to Walter Cronkite

courtesy of Michelle Malkin's Hot Air site:

Personally, I hope his extended family all die of excrutiating cancers. Karma, you know?

I’ll shed no tears over the death of a Lefty turd like Cronkite. As a matter of fact, if I could piss on his grave, I would.

I am sick of kissing the ass of people who screwed not only their country and their profession, but millions of innocents, because the media tells me I am supposed to.
Go. To. Hell. You. Lying. Bastard.

I got excited whe I saw the fox news alert, saw the grey hair from across the room, and then my weekend was ruined it wasn’t the timely demise of Ted Kennedy. Oh well……patience I guess.

Good bye Walter. May the worms enjoy you more than I did.

May he rot in hell.

Soon Ted will die and Walter, JFK, RFK and Ted can ride around Hell in Teds Olds, pickin’ up women.
Waitress sandwich anyone?

Walter Cronkite actually makes my list of greatest MASS MURDERERS in History! So, yup, he can burn in hell!!

Twist in Hell, Cronkite. I hope the only relief you find in the Lake of Fire is a million murdered Cambodians spitting on you.

Rich liberal hypocritical fool……see ya! Now we only need Teddy to retire or expire and maybe we’ll see windmills in Natucket sound.

just imagine how low our public discourse would sink if we didn't have such good, jesus-loving folks like these to chime in?!?!?!

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