Sunday, July 5, 2009

Palin not under fire from the feds?

So says the L.A. Times. So WTF? Is she really planning to run for President? On what record?

On 2.5 years of experience as the Governor of a cash-flush state with no real problems?

If the economy is still shitty and unemployment is over 10% when 2012 comes around, there's no doubt Obama will be vulnerable. But no way in hell voters would gamble our future on another charismatic politician w/ a flimsy resume. Mitt "I fix businesses" Romney would be the smart choice to take on Obama if that is the case.

On her Jerry Springer-ish "family values"?

Bill Clinton's seedy personal history had to be in the back of some primary voters minds when choosing between Obama and my candidate of choice, Hillary Clinton. Would voters choose to quadruple down on First Family Drama by housing the freak-show Palin brood at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Fuck no!

On her flimsy education and even flimsier intellect?

Voters are in no mood for another retard republican president so soon after Dumbya.....

On her tits and legs?

They can't stay that nice and firm forever!

So what's left for Sarah? Fox News? A reality show to follow Octo-Mom's? Ooooh how about a politcal edition of "The Surreal Life"?! Sarah, Todd and Bristol Palin thrown in a house with Eliot Spitzer, David Vitter, Mark Foley, Mark Sanford, Barney Frank, John Ensign, Larry Craig, Jim McGreevey, Rod Blagojevich and an assorted mix of prostitutes, interns, Argentinian sluts, gay staffers, Ponzi schemers, bathroom stalls and adult diapers!


  1. you don't know shit about sarah palin you fag you wait and see she will do great things in the future

  2. yeah ... she'll do great things - nthen immediately quit.


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