Saturday, March 14, 2009

DruggyBear goes to work

Yes, you read that correctly, your humble DruggyBear is starting a new job on Monday, working for the government. How lucky am I to find any job during this horrible recession? However trust me when I say it's a job where I'll need to be as drugged up as possible! So, in addition to being too busy to post most days, I'm gonna have to protect my anonymity more than ever, well, at least till the job is finished in about 3 months, it's seasonal. Consequentially, expect far fewer and more vague posts, and damn if that doesn't fucking suck, I just started this blog last month!

Well, I hope you guys still check my blog regularly, as there is no shortage of drama in my life to report and certainly no shortage of opinions in this thick skull of mine to rant about when I get the time and inspiration. So please stick around and thanks for reading!

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