Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why Bernie Madoff, not Rush Limbaugh, should be made the face of the G.O.P.

The simplest breakdown of America's 2 major political parties is this: The Republicans blame the poor for all our problems, while the Democrats blame the rich. When the poor are seen by the public-at-large as the culprits, the Repubs do well, like in 1994 when "welfare queens" got all the blame for our economic ills. Right now the Democrats are coming off of 2 straight electoral ass-whoopings and are enjoying a huge identification advantage over the G.O.P. Why? Well, George W. Bush for one. Also, there are now more poor people than rich people, and that super rich Ponzi-scheming bastard Bernie Madoff is Public Enemy #1.

Look, as long as that fat fuck Limbaugh is still breathing he'll be saying stupid shit, that's not news. So Operation Rushbo may be a success so far for President Obama, but as long as the face of this financial crisis is a super-rich crook like Madoff, the rich will be (rightly) blamed for this recession and the Democrats will be sitting pretty.

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