Saturday, March 21, 2009

So long, BSG.....

One of TV's best science-fiction series ever, Battlestar Galactica, signed off last night in an action-packed, emotional and ultimately satisfying series finale. Never has a futuristic show been so timely. The show's creators molded a cheesy 1970's flop network series into a drama-heavy, existential sci-fi masterwork for our grim post-9/11, Bush-presidency era (and helmed by a fellow latino, Edward James Olmos, no less).

If you have never watched the show just take a look at the trailer below, it should do the trick of pulling you in. I highly recommend getting the DVD's on Netflix, starting with the 2003 miniseries and working your way through all 4 seasons, well, you can skip the 3rd, it was moral-relativist in the worst. If you have seen the series, check out my personal grades for each season and my Top 5 episodes below the trailer.


Miniseries: A+
Season 1: B
Season 2: A
Season 3: D
Season 4: B


1) Scar
2) Blood on the Scales
3) Unfinished Business
4) Sometimes a Great Notion
5) Sacrifice

Thank you, BSG.  I sure as frak am gonna miss you!

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